Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$1.50 Update!

I have been looking for some fabric to recover my dining room chairs. I have had them covered in the same plaid, blue/mauve since, well, you know when-the 80's! They have seen better days for sure! I needed something that was 'grandkid proof' and affordable.
One day during the last few weeks of summer classes, I decided to check out the thrift store near the college. I didn't have any one thing in mind, just looking around. I came around a corner and saw a lady holding up this mishappen shape of fabric. The colors caught my eye first, and then I thought.....OH! That would hide dirt really good! I thought of my chairs! The only problem was that this lady still had the fabric in her hands....that and what was the price. I walked on down the aisle and then turned around and the lady was gone...But the fabric was still there! I zoomed to grab it before someone else saw what a good cover for dirt it would be! The price? $1.50!

Today I laid out the pads and there was exactly enough to cover all four chairs AND a bench! All for one dollar and fifty cents! Here they are, finished! I am happy!