Saturday, January 30, 2010


This week has been filled with reminiscing pets loved and lost. I always vow never to give my heart over to a pet again. And then along comes a situation where a home is not available, someone is allergic and needs to find a good home, or the animal is going to have to be put down if someone doesn't adopt soon, or somebody just plain dumped that cute little puppy or kitten. It doesn't even have to be a puppy or kitten, I like old ones too. I am a sucker. Put a big "S" on my forehead!

But I know someone who is an even bigger sucker for a pet! This would be my sister Lori. Let me explain. When I moved from town to the farm, I had a cat named Prissy....for the obvious reasons, she was a prissy cat! She was part Persian, but had that cute little kitty face, not the smashed in look that most Persian felines sport. I won't go into how I ended up with Prissy, let's just say she needed a home, but I knew that home could not be at the farm. If she ever escaped she would be a nice little snack for a coyote. Rarely is a cat seen in these parts, and if you do see one, you usually never see it again. So my sister said she would keep Prissy for me. This was, let me tell you, a match made in Heaven.
If Lori were a cat, she would have been Prissy, and visa-versa! Prissy never had it so good! She wore rhinestone encrusted collars, charms dangling like diamonds from them, collected over the years from Lori's shopping trips in Chicago. She went for scheduled 'manicures', had all the best toys and, well you get the picture....spoiled rotten!
When Prissy passed away Lori decided she would 'lure' my brother's cat to her house. Buddy was an outside/inside cat and my brother has a job that keeps him away from home long hours. Buddy willingly obliged Lori's offer of tasty treats and now this is how Buddy spends his time.

Here is Buddy watching TV!
Don't you wish you were a pet at Lori's house?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today we said goodbye to a faithful friend.
He was always curious what was going on. Here he is wondering if this four-legged purple critter is going to interfere with his dinner portions. Buster put up with two-legged critters as well. It was not unusual to find a chicken perched upon his back while he lazed on the porch. He did draw the line when the chickens wanted to share his dog food.
He always wanted to be right in the middle of whatever was going on, especially if it involved food! He was always happy to see you and would drop whatever he was doing to come running when he saw you coming down the lane, or when you opened the door to go outside. Okay, so he probably thought he was going to get something to eat. He came running.
Buster didn't come running Sunday afternoon. We thought he might be out in the woods, chasing a squirrel or rabbit, or maybe even fending off a coyote. He would show up, Buster never missed a meal. But he didn't show up that night. Okay, maybe he found a girlfriend.
Monday morning as we left for school, before daybreak, Buster was nowhere to be found. He will be here when we get home. Buster will be hungry.
When we got home Buster was still not around anywhere. The barn and sheds were checked. Maybe he slipped in to get out of the cold. Buster was getting up in years. We never really knew how old Buster was, he came with the farm. But Buster was not in any of the out buildings. He was not in his dog house either, although that would have been the last place we looked, Buster wasn't too fond of his digs, no matter what we did to make it homey. He was an outdoorsman type dog.
My husband went for a walk around the property, no Buster. Buster had missed three meals. This morning, even though snow covered the ground and there was no sunshine, I thought to look out the window to see if he was in his usual morning sunning spot. There was Buster, covered with a blanket of snow, resting in eternal peace.
I am going to miss this guy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten!

Oh my! I have been gone from my blog for a long time! I didn't forget about it, I use it to check my very favorite bloggers to see if they have posted any goodies, and they don't disappoint! Thus I get sidetracked in the adventures of my blog friends and get no blogging done myself! But, hey! I consider that to be a good friend...a good 'listener', so to speak! On the other hand, when you come to visit my blog, there it is, the same old post that has been there for months now. I am sorry...
So here is what I have been up to. I know it won't surprise most of you. School. Homework. Procrastinating! Housework, cooking, laundry. I should be doing my Accounting assignment now, but refer to #3 on above list!

Recently Facebook had "Retro Week". I posted this picture of my brother and me. I love this picture, slobbers and all! I love my brother dearly, but I am going to tell a story about him and his slobbers. Forgive me Kevin....(insert evil big sister laugh)

When we were little, like in the picture, "pop" or soft drinks were not everyday staples in the house. On grocery day, which was every other Friday, one carton of 'pop' was purchased. Now back in the day one carton of pop was 8 small bottles of Coca~Cola. This was divied up between me, my brother and my sister. Oops. We are short one! Problem solved. Mom got one and Dad got one and we got two each!
These two 'pops' were ours to drink whenever we wanted. My sister Susie and I usually downed ours that very night, and on rare occasion, one lasted until Saturday morning.
My brother, the slobbery one in the picture, took small sips of his, replaced the cap, and put it back in the frig. Sometimes he still had pop on Tuesday!!!!
Susie and I had both been sneaking sips of Kevin's pop, on the sly of course. This went on for a while, ahhh, times were good and pop was plentiful! I guess we must have gotten a little greedy though, because one day we were all watching afternoon cartoons and my brother gets up and gets his pop out of the frig. He says to us, "Hey, watch this!" He takes the cap off his pop, takes a big swig, and then empties the contents of his mouth BACK into the bottle of pop!!!!
Never said another word, just came back in and continued watching cartoons.
Needless to say, Susie and I never sneaked sips of his pop again!!!

Okay, the procrastination has got to end! I have homework to do!