Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Last Thursday we put up hay here on our little farm. It is a first for us,
and it will be a blessing to be able to provide for the cows this winter.

It is amazing to me that God can take this..............

And make this......................

To feed these hungry girls bellies..........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The blackberry vines are full again this year! I found a really yummy recipe for Blackberry Pie Bars @JoytheBaker. These were very easy to make and a nice switch from cobbler. Oh, and these are definately not on the Weight Watcher's diet plan!
If you have blackberries to spare.....here is the link to the recipe. Check out her entire blog, she has some really good recipes.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and a June Birthday

This blog entry gives me a good opportunity to use the picture I have of my Dad and my 'baby' brother....who celebrated his 35th birthday on the 10th of June. Late post, I know, but I was busy taking tests that day, and on the weekend, making birthday cake and yeast rolls! On our birthdays, we get to pick the meal we want, and Anthony always picks grilling out! We had barbeque chicken, corn-on-the-cob, hash brown casserole, baked beans, salad, and yeast rolls. It was great, just like the guy who's day we celebrated!

If you have never made corn-on-the-cob on the grill, try it sometime. Simply soak your corn ears (yes, soak shucks and all) in a sink or bucket of water for approximately an hour or longer. Then lay them on the grill and let them steam for about an hour. The silks fall away from the corn! It is easy and keeps the kitchen cool!

Today we are going to the parents house for a Father's Day celebration. I have the best Dad I could have ever asked for. The love Dad has for his family is evident in everything he does. I cannot even begin to name all the things Dad has done for me over my lifetime. Some of the time I didn't like the lesson I was being taught, but all these years later, I am so thankful Dad stayed firm, even though I know it would have been easier for him to give in!

A funny story that comes to mind is when I started buying furniture for the house I had bought after my divorce. I loved the 'shabby' look.....and the shabbier, the better! Dad didn't get the distressed look at all! He asked me if I needed some money to buy 'good' furniture!

I love you Dad! Thanks for understanding me!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

National Cancer Survivors Day

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day. Today is also my Dad and Mom's 51st wedding anniversary. They are both survivors of cancer, along with my sister, Susan. I am thankful for the advances made in cancer treatment that has allowed me to keep my family a little bit longer. See Susie smile in the photo above? That is the same constant smile she wore all during her chemo and radiation treatments. When her hair fell out, that smile was so bright that you didn't much notice how perfectly round her little bald head was. She is a 7 year survivor of breast cancer and she is my hero.
When my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he said he couldn't complain about anything after what Susie had been through, and he didn't. She was an inspiration to him, and he has been a survivor for 6 years.
My Mom is going through her second round with cancer. She is a fighter! She says she doesn't have time to mess with cancer, there is too much other stuff to do. I like her spirit. This round is breast cancer, and it was caught early by a mammogram, thanks to the efforts of her doctor.

I have two friends whose mothers are going through cancer treatments. I am praying that next year we can celebrate with them as survivors as well!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you both!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is It June Already?

I can't believe it is June already! Time passes so fast as I get older. Daisies, my favorite flower, are out in full bloom and I see fields of them on my way home from town. This is one of the many reasons why I love where I live, way out in the middle of nowhere! When I lived in town, I didn't see the different flowers blooming naturally from season to season along the roadside, that is something I forgot happened. Now I don't mean to say there are not beautiful flowers in town! My sister Lori has a beautiful back yard in town with flowers blooming everywhere. I will have to take my camera over to her house one day and show you all of the hard work she has put into her little corner of the world. Lori has the plant growing talent in our family. As for me, I am just going to have to rely on God to do my landscaping.......and He is doing a great job!