Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today we said goodbye to a faithful friend.
He was always curious what was going on. Here he is wondering if this four-legged purple critter is going to interfere with his dinner portions. Buster put up with two-legged critters as well. It was not unusual to find a chicken perched upon his back while he lazed on the porch. He did draw the line when the chickens wanted to share his dog food.
He always wanted to be right in the middle of whatever was going on, especially if it involved food! He was always happy to see you and would drop whatever he was doing to come running when he saw you coming down the lane, or when you opened the door to go outside. Okay, so he probably thought he was going to get something to eat. He came running.
Buster didn't come running Sunday afternoon. We thought he might be out in the woods, chasing a squirrel or rabbit, or maybe even fending off a coyote. He would show up, Buster never missed a meal. But he didn't show up that night. Okay, maybe he found a girlfriend.
Monday morning as we left for school, before daybreak, Buster was nowhere to be found. He will be here when we get home. Buster will be hungry.
When we got home Buster was still not around anywhere. The barn and sheds were checked. Maybe he slipped in to get out of the cold. Buster was getting up in years. We never really knew how old Buster was, he came with the farm. But Buster was not in any of the out buildings. He was not in his dog house either, although that would have been the last place we looked, Buster wasn't too fond of his digs, no matter what we did to make it homey. He was an outdoorsman type dog.
My husband went for a walk around the property, no Buster. Buster had missed three meals. This morning, even though snow covered the ground and there was no sunshine, I thought to look out the window to see if he was in his usual morning sunning spot. There was Buster, covered with a blanket of snow, resting in eternal peace.
I am going to miss this guy.


  1. Aww Lisa, I am soo sorry for the loss of Buster, he seemed like a wonderful friend...you honestly, I was never a dog person, but since we got pudge...she is like family..it makes my heart hurt to even think of the day that she will not be with us...I am sending you a hug today amor. Besos, Rose

    Sweetie could you do me a favor and email me your address, if You feel comfortable that is..I promise not to stalk you :) Besos!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss....I remember when I lost our beloved Tessa, you were the one I went and talked to....So sad when we lose our four legged friends....I always wished that I was as faithful and loyal to my Heavenly Father as Tessa was to me...She stayed close, learned to be good to me because I was the source of good things, and knew, even when the vet approached that if 'mom' was nearby it was okay....She taught me trust....

  3. Awwwe, I'm so sorry for the loss of Buster. My Maggie is getting up there in years and I'm trying to prepare myself for the day I lose one of the best buddies in the world!! It bring tears to my eyes just TYPING that thought! LOL! : )

    On another note, thank you for your great comments left on my blog last night and for becoming a follower! : ) It's much appreciated! Coming from someone who hopes to have a life on a farm someday I can't wait to take a look around your blog! : ))