Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The blackberry vines are full again this year! I found a really yummy recipe for Blackberry Pie Bars @JoytheBaker. These were very easy to make and a nice switch from cobbler. Oh, and these are definately not on the Weight Watcher's diet plan!
If you have blackberries to spare.....here is the link to the recipe. Check out her entire blog, she has some really good recipes.


  1. Hi Lisa :)Your right we could talk as my daughters say foreba! If we lived near each other we would never get a thing done, we would be "visting" all the time :) I showed my daughters your post with your dad and brother and they said the same thing, infact they asked if our dads could be cousins or something because there is such a strong resemblance :) then again we may be missing my dad so much that we see what we "want" to see :) You are right about Dawn's blog, I love it, it truly gives me joy to visit and see her beautiful creations, thru some of the some up and down times we have had, I have lived thru her art vicariously lol sp? sorry my spelling can sometimes be so bad, but like I always say, you got my gist right :) I hope that things are better for your mother. Cancer, lord I don't even know how I can say that word after what we have been thru. But all my heart felt wishes and good vibes and anything else that can make a perosn well go out ot her and you to have the strength for whatever comes your way.I will email you later, these lil posts are too "impersonal" :) Take care lisa and thank you, I passed your wishes on to my daughter, I have to go get purtified as she likes to say so I don't embarrass her :)... Rose :)

  2. hi Lisa :) I was wondering what your email address was, I couldn't find it on your blog, and if you feel comfortable giving it out, I would love to have it :) Rose

    P.S. mine is BellaRosa118@yahoo.com