Sunday, June 7, 2009

National Cancer Survivors Day

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day. Today is also my Dad and Mom's 51st wedding anniversary. They are both survivors of cancer, along with my sister, Susan. I am thankful for the advances made in cancer treatment that has allowed me to keep my family a little bit longer. See Susie smile in the photo above? That is the same constant smile she wore all during her chemo and radiation treatments. When her hair fell out, that smile was so bright that you didn't much notice how perfectly round her little bald head was. She is a 7 year survivor of breast cancer and she is my hero.
When my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he said he couldn't complain about anything after what Susie had been through, and he didn't. She was an inspiration to him, and he has been a survivor for 6 years.
My Mom is going through her second round with cancer. She is a fighter! She says she doesn't have time to mess with cancer, there is too much other stuff to do. I like her spirit. This round is breast cancer, and it was caught early by a mammogram, thanks to the efforts of her doctor.

I have two friends whose mothers are going through cancer treatments. I am praying that next year we can celebrate with them as survivors as well!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you both!

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